VBM Laryngeal Tubes LTS-D

The Laryngeal Tube LTS-D is a 2nd generation supraglottic airway (with drain tube) and an alternative adjunct to temporarily secure the airway during emergency situations, e.g. cardiopulmonary resuscitation, in hospital as well as prehospital environments.


  • Multiple ventilation outlets for effi cient ventilation
  • Drain tube to prevent the risk of aspiration
  • Thin walled cuffs allow maximum airway leak pressure and reduce the spread of aerosol thanks to effi cient pharyngeal sealing. The seal is achieved even at low cuff pressure (< 60 cm H20) making the LTS-D atraumatic to the mucosa.
  • Teeth mark as indicator for correct depth of insertion

VBM Cuff Manometer

Analogue Cuff Pressure Gauges for tracheal tubes and supraglottic airway devices


  • Hook for fixation – On the back side of the device
  • Release Valve for pressure adjustment – On the left side of the device to activate with the thumb
  • Luer Connection for inflation  – On the right side of the device
  • Vacuum Valve for deflation  – On the bottom side of the inflation bulb

VBM I-Bougie  

The i-Bougie is an effective device to facilitate orotracheal intubation, especially in patients where visualization of the glottis is inadequate.

Made of HDPE material (non-PVC) with specific mechanical properties, the i-Bougie is shapeable according to the laryngoscope blade and the low friction surface facilitates easy railroading of the tracheal tube. The design of the distal tip is atraumatic and rounded and provides additional confidence to the user.


VBM Endoscopy Mask

Allows endoscopy and simultaneous ventilation during fiberoptic intubation, bronchoscopy, gastroenterology or transesophageal echocardiography. A specific membrane prevents airway leak at any step of the procedure, providing an
excellent seal on the patient’s face and during insertion of the endoscope or a tracheal tube. It is especially beneficiary to patient comfort and the working quality of the practitioner during awake procedures.


  • Sealing of the endoscopy mask
  • 4 sizes (single use in PVC)

Disposable Rebreathing Bag

  • latex free
  • Bags are available in 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 litre capacities.
  • Reusable is also available

SunMed Guedel Airways

Oropharyngeal Color Coded Guedel Airways

  • Firm polyethylene plastic
  • Built-in bite block
  • Sets are ideal for crash carts
  • Individually wrapped