SAM IO is a manually operated intraosseous access system. Catheter placement is achieved by continuously actuating (repeatedly compressing) the driver’s trigger assembly while gently guiding needle assembly into position.

Repeated, full trigger actuation creates rotational spin of the needle assembly which, when combined with gentle downward pressure, results in controlled IO placement. Once needle assembly is properly positioned, the stylet is removed to expose standard Luer-lock for extension set connection. With the extension set connected, aspiration verification, flushing and selected treatment(s) may commence.

According to the Labour Department’s guidelines (read more), items below should be included in the first aid box: 

  • Sterile unmedicated dressings
  • Waterproof adhesive wound dressings of assorted sizes
  • Triangular bandages 
  • Adhesive plaster
  • Absorbent cotton wool
  • Pressure bandage
  • Safety pins 

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BLS Rescuer Manual Vacuum Pump 

  • State of the art, high vacuum, light, portable emergency suction device
  • Built-in 3M® HEPA Filter for bacterial and viral protection
  • Adult and child suction settings
  • Built-in overflow protection seal
  • 100° swivel allows better accessibility in tight situations
  • Efficient operation and simple maintenance
  • One hand operation
  • Large volume capacity
  • Disposable collection jar and catheter

Vacuum (Max): -550mmHg
Peak free airflow: >20 l/min
Disposable container volume: 350ml
Operating temperature: -20°C + 50°C
Storage temperature: -40°C + 60°C
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) 99.99%
Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) 99.99%

Manual Suction Pump

  • The Manual Suction Pump is an inexpensive alternative for EMS personnel and first responders. It easily fits in most emergency cases or bags and is always ready for use, as the operation of the device is independent from any power source.

Manual Suction Pump Set

Vacuum pump, suction catheters (28 Fr and 40 Fr),
container 250 ml, sealing cap, adapter for standard suction catheters, suction cap.

The vacuum pump is reusable, the accessories are for single use.