Suction Unit

The Diamond Suction range is manufactured from high strength plastics and is colour coded to assist the end user with Suction level recognition. Each Unit is supplied with an integral Pipeline Protector, which not only supplies 100% guaranteed protection against Pipeline Contamination, but also goes PINK to show that the filter has been contaminated and requires changing. All models fully comply with the latest International Standards and are CE Marked and carry a date of manufacture ring.  

Various options available:

  • High / Low Suction
  • Direct / Rail-mounted


  • Easy Connectivity – The units can be connected to any type of Suction Collection Jar
  • Easily Adjustable – The Suction is adjusted by the movement of a bonnet on the top of the unit.

OB 3000 Portable Suction Unit

Brand: Boscarol (Made in Italy)

It is equipped with an internal microprocessor control that allows the storage of device construction and operating data.


  • Maintenance-free piston pump
  • Nominal suction power: 800 mbar (80 kPa) ±10%
  • Nominal suction flow: 33 LPM at free air speed ±10%
  • Maximum operating time (free-cycle): 60 minutes ±10%
  • Inorganic solid-type lithium polymer battery.
  • IP44
  • OB-J collection jar for 1000 ml SERRES® disposable bags
  • Optional: The suction unit can be equipped with an OB WB charging bracket (in accordance with EN 1789) and an external mains-voltage power supply with 2-pole plug (mains power supply between 100 and 240 Vac)
  • In compliance with all applicable regulations, Directive 93/42/EEC and the main reference standards

CA-MI ASKIR 36 BR Portable Suction Unit

Brand: CA-MI (Made in Italy)

ASKIR 36 BR is a portable suction unit for the aspiration of body liquids, oral, nasal and tracheal aspiration in adults or children. For professional use and with a powerful aspiration of max 36 l/min, ASKIR 36BR is lightweight for easy transport. 

Three different options for operation: AC/DC adapter, rechargeable battery and 12V makes it a versatile suction unit approved for NON-STOP operation without overheating. 

Provided with visual and acoustic alarm indicating battery level, the main unit is also equipped with vacuum-meter (mmHg and kPa) and vacuum regulator. Carries IP21 degree of protection and complies with EN 60601-1-11 “for use in the home healthcare environment”.

Portable Suction Jet Compact 

Brand: Spencer (Made in Italy)

Jet Compact is a reliable portable medical suction device used to remove fluids from the airways. The device creates negative pressure (suction) and extracts fluids through a single use tube connected to the collection vase. The fluids are then trapped in the vase prior to the appropriate elimination. This suction device is ideal for use in the emergency field, during transport or in the hospitals.

You will be surprised by its compact and lightweight versatility. The motor, which does not require any special maintenance, guarantees a flow of 32 L/min at -550 mm Hg. The device is also appreciated in hospitals and home care for its low noise emissions and vibrations reduced to a minimum.

Its professional design makes it just as easy to position in a hospital as in an ambulance and/or in a rucksack. Impressive suction performance in a portable device with decisively minimal dimensions and extremely reduced weight. Its small dimensions make it particularly ideal for use inside a rucksack or emergency bag.

Weight: 1.6Kgs

Disposable Twin-O-Vac Jars

Disposable Jar, Lid and Filter – 400ml Capacity, 180mm Length, Embossed every 100ml.

Portable Suction Unit

Model: ASU-200 / Acare Portable Suction Unit is a reliable portable device. It is suitable for hospital, clinic, ambulance and outdoor for patient to draw out sputum. ASU-200 portable suction unit can operate for an hour at disconnected from power supply. It is made for convenient use.