BLS System Rescuer® Disposable BVM Resuscitator

  • Disposable 
  • 360° Swivel Connector
  • Patented Medication Port for use with MDI or syringe
  • Manometer port
  • Integrated PEEP connection, no adapter necessary
  • Adult, Child, and Infant sizes
  • Pressure release valve standard on child and infant models, optional on adult model
  • All models complete with reservoir bag and 02 tubing
  • Transparent bag with positive textured grip and sensitive response
  • Folds into compact carrying size
  • Range of accessories including 3M™ Hepa Filter and PEEP valve 
  • Latex-free 

BLS System Rescuer® Reusable BVM Resuscitator

  • Completely autoclavable and reusable
  • Textured silicone bag with positive grip and sensitive response to compliance
  • Versatile 360° swivel for facemask or endotrachial tube
  • Child and neonate bags with 40cm safety pressure release valve
  • Clear non-rebreathing patient valve
  • Folds into compact convenient size
  • Full range of accessories (Adult, Child & Infant size facemasks, PEEP valve)
  • Designed to meet A.S.T.M. and European standards
  • Durable silicone bag and mask with polycarbonate fittings
  • Complete with reservoir bag and O2 tubing
  • Latex free

BLS System Rescuer® FLO2MAX Oxygen Mask

Low – Medium – High oxygen concentrations with one mask! 

  • Deliver from 30% – 99% Oxygen 
  • Compatible with standard Nebulizer for Drug therapy.
  • All patient exhalation is filtered through submicron, hydrophobic 3M™filter. Protects healthcare workers and patients.
  • A closed mask breathing system with integral 3M™ filter maintains respiratory isolation during oxygen and drug aerosol therapy, reducing the risk of airborne infections such as SARS and influenza.
  • Over 99.99% efficiency (BFE/VFE).
  • Cost effective; Replace Low, Med, High Oxygen concentration and nebulizer masks with one mask.
  • Extra large oxygen reservoir ensures highest possible oxygen concentration while intake valve allows patient to make-up air from atmosphere if necessary.
  • 3 mask sizes (Large Adult, Small Adult and Child) ensure best fit possible.
  • 100% latex free and disposable.
  • Patented.

BLS System Rescuer® Pocket Mask

  • Clear plastic, with soft inflated cuff and fold down top, designed to fit adult or child
  • No assembly required
  • Patented BLS One-way Valve with biological filter – allows no backflow of air or contaminants from patient to rescuer – over 99% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency
  • Anatomical shaped cushion design for air-tight fit
  • Meets all clinical and technical requirements, i.e. flowrates, tidal volume and volume pressure ratios
  • Not affected by extreme temperatures
  • Standard 22mm fittings – can be used with any resuscitator or bag mask
  • Compact carrying case – Many colors and custom graphics available
  • 100% disposable mask and valve
  • Latex free

Broselow™ Pediatric Emergency Tape

The Orginally Developed Pediatric Emergency Tape

When time and accuracy are crucial during a pediatric emergency situation, turn to the Broselow® System which is designed with children’s care and procedural accuracy in mind. Each color-coded system supplies you with all the medical dosage information (except for infusion drugs) and size-specific equipment you need for your young patients’ emergency resuscitation requirements.