High pressure regulator for use with medical gas cylinders equipped with a medical cylinder valve.

  • Regulator with flow selector.
  • Rotating pressure gauge which allows convenient reading
  • 360° swivelling outlet – it enables the better orientation of the nasal cannula or oxygen mask towards the patient (preventing from twisting)
  • Innovative self centering flow setting device with continuous flow between settings. In the unlikely event of indent mechanism failure, the patient will still be supplied by medicinal gas
  • Lateral and frontal reading of flow settings
  • The higher number of flow disc holes increases treatment options. Extra flow setting of 25 l/min on the traditional 15 l/min variant, allows use in resuscitation
  • The additional 7 l/min is intended for nebulization

Non-Magnetic Regulator 

This Regulator is constructed from entirely non-magnetic materials for use in environments that require non-magnetic devices. Each Regulator is available with international fittings, with a flow rate of either 0-15lpm or 0-25lpm through a fir tree therapy connector.

  • Suitable for MRI scans
  • Non-magnetic material
  • Light-weight construction
  • Low cost
  • No calibration

Precision EasyDial Regulator 

EasyDial Reg is the top selling oxygen regulator from Precision Medical. The compact unit is only 4.25″ long and weighs less than 8 oz. Each regulator model comes standard with a large flow adjustment knob that is knurled making flow adjustment simple for patients. EasyDial Reg is designed for safety with a built-in pressure relief valve, as well as a protected contents gauge. The low force Viton yoke seal provides a superior tank-to-regulator seal and has an innovative design that minimizes normal flow variation that occurs as tank pressure drops.

Comes in two (2) body designs, yoke or nut style, and is available in five (5) flow ranges: 31-4000 cc/min, 1/32-4 l/min, .50-15 l/min and .25-25 l/min.