Oxygen Equipment

Amvex Thorpe Flowmeter

Amvex Thorpe (Tube) Style Flowmeters are offered in a complete line from Neonatal to Adult. Thorpe style is available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Heliox, CO2, and N2O. All Flowmeters come with a standard 1/8″ FNPT connection, but may also be fitted with different adapters and accessories to customize your needs. MR conditional options are also available.

GCE Mediflow® Ultra II

Medical Low Pressure Regulator  

  • Built-in regulator provides a very stable and precise flow, independent of the pressure in the medical central gas system or cylinder
  • Innovative self centering flow setting device with continuous flow between settings. In the unlikely event of indent mechanism failure, the patient will still be supplied by medicinal gas.
  • Lateral and frontal reading of flow settings
  • 360° swivelling outlet – it enables better orientation of the nasal cannula or oxygen mask towards the patient (preventing from twisting)
  • Higher number of flow disc holes increases treatment options. Extra flow setting of 25 l/min on the traditional 15 l/min variant, allows use in resuscitation. The additional 7 l/min is intended for nebulization.
  • Ergonomic and streamlined design

Precision Medical Chrome Flowmeter Model Series 

The Chrome Series Flowmeter is a pressure compensation flowmeter designed to meet strict global standards of durability and accuracy. The
polycarbonate flow tube assures consistent readings and allows superb accuracy for precise low and high fl ow requirements. The low flow model
is labeled with a stork that clearly identifies its application in neonatal environments. The large knurled knobs come in green for oxygen and
yellow for air and are marked with O2 and Air for easy identification.